Monday, February 18, 2013

New Beginning

This week brings a new beginning to my classroom. We are now an 1:1 iPad Mini environment thanks to a generous donation from The Friedman Family Foundation of Colorado. 

How it began

Last school year, my principal purchased 11 iPad 2s for the students at Centennial Elementary. Of course, I was all over them and enjoyed learning with my students how to create videos and interactive lessons. This year, my principal was able to purchase more iPads so that the school had a set of 30 iPad 2s. With the set of 30 classrooms were now able to have all students use the iPads when they were available. This was better, but I wanted to go farther. 

In October I began working on writing a proposal to The Friedman Family Foundation and in November I interviewed and received funding for 31 iPad Minis. 

Hurry up and wait

As with most school districts, the process of actually getting the iPads was an task involving many people submitting forms, gathering signatures and waiting. Finally, on February 14 the iPads arrived! What a great Valentine's Day treat!

Change in learning

I couldn't contain my excitement from my students so of course we opened the boxes and began to explore. Watching my students open each iPad Mini was priceless. They were so excited. 

Immediately we began exploring. Since there were no apps on the iPads yet, the students used Safari to find out a question they had been asking during our science unit, "Why is Pluto not a planet?" Students helped each other find videos and articles explaining the reasoning behind this galatic change. As I looked around the room, I realized that the learning in this classroom will never be the same!

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